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I'm a self-taught photographer.Whenever I get involved in taking photos,time actually stops and those hours would not count part of my life. I will never die with my camera.


I’m Ray, I’m a portrait photographer or rather a human’s photographer. I was born in the rainiest city of Iran at 1978. It’s city bordering the sea to the north and from the south in the embrace of the mountains.
I met my best friend about twenty years ago,my camera. I had fallen in love with looking at the world through the glass heart of my camera.

In 2010 I started to study photography with the great masters of Iran at the school of television art of Iran.

In 2013 I founded my own photography studio and I became a member of the world photography federation under the auspices of Unesco.

From 2014 I started teaching photography at university and after taking hundreds of thousands of photos and holding dozens of exhibitions and printing books, I came to this conclusion that I have to teach students that photography is not just an art or a technique, photography is the skill of seeing and touching the spirit of the world, photographer is not just an adjective, the photographer is a life stylnal reasons and I entered a new period of my artistic life. Discovering new people whose souls I had to translate to understand To understand what color love is to them ? What is the smell of their grandmothers' house? and What does freedom taste like to them?

In my new land, I am like a child who discovers life from the beginning and just enjoys this childish game without thinking about the goal.


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